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  • Will OpenBrand do all the design work for me?

    No, but it will save you a hell of a lot of time on collaboration, presentation, print and production.
    There’s also a smart rendering engine built in which will help you present your works at their best, but we believe great design is something that can’t be automated.
  • How do I share something with an external partner or supplier without granting access to everything in my brand?

    Use Send link via E-mail under the Share and Collaborate menu. The recipient will get access to only the current folder or item and everything in it. This will be read-only access, if you want to ask someone to hand over some content into your prepared folder, use the Request Content option under the Share and Collaborate menu.
  • How do I send something to a printer from OpenBrand?

    Every item under Works & Templates can be sent to a printer or other producer. Just follow OpenBrand’s instructions and they will get all the information and files necessary for production. To send something, use the Order Production option under the Share & Collaborate menu.
  • How do I give access to my logos and pictures in OpenBrand to visitors of my website or press?

    There are two ways:
    1. Make your whole brand public under Brand Settings and link to it from your site. All visitors will then see everything but won’t be able to make any changes.
    2. Using the Publish on your website option under Share and collaborate menu of any folder or brand element. A unique URL will be generated allowing read-only access to just that content and nothing else.
  • I’d like to have a BIG logo on my brand’s login page. How do I do that?

    Upload a bigger file in under your brand’s Brand Settings. A larger logo version of max 930x400px will be created for brand’s login page, a smaller version of max 210x400px will be used for brand’s sidebar. The same background color is then used for both logos, login page, and email headers.
  • How do I export Corporate Identity as a PDF so that I can send it to my client?

    You don’t.

    PDF is a static and limited format, OpenBrand provides a rich smart structure for files, instructions, and examples of both DOs and DON’Ts. Everything stays in one place and you won’t ever have to care about outdated logos or design manual versions.
    Allow your client full access to the brand space by inviting them in, or if you want to share only a part of the brand, use Send a link via Email under the Share and Collaborate menu.

Adobe Plugins

Billing & Payments

  • So tell me again, how does the billing work?

    • All users are treated individually, their data usage is calculated from all brands they're members of
    • Everyone gets 1 GB of free space
    • When you cross 1 GB you'll need to upgrade to Pro which is $9.95 a month
    • If you want to pay for a bigger team (5+) comfortably in one place, there is the Enterprise option
    • Pro, Enterprise and Free users can meet in one brand as long as the brand fits into their individual personal data quotas
  • Am I supposed to pay for my client? Is the client supposed to pay for his designer or agency?

    This varies and is basically defined by the relationship between the client and the designers. We often see the following scenarios:
    1. Agency or designer pays for their own accounts, the client pays for their own people
    2. Agency or designer manages the brand for the client, pays for all accounts and then re-invoices the client
    3. The client manages their brand and pays for all staff accounts including accounts of the agency of designer
  • What is the best way of paying for all employees of our agency?

    The best way is to setup one Enterprise brand space where you manage your whole team. This can be your own brand with your own brand assets. All your team members can then create and access all your client's brands, the clients can setup their own Enterprise accounts for their people, leaving your staff out.
  • Can I share something from OpenBrand with someone who's not a paying user?

    Yes. You can share elements or whole folders from OpenBrand and the recipient doesn't have to sign up.
    Only when you want to make someone a full member with complete access to all your assets, with the possibility to upload and edit, do they need to have the full membership.

Files & Image Processing

  • What file types can I upload to OpenBrand?

    Pretty much any images will work. The following file types will be processed as images and converted into previews: PNG, JPG, GIF, ICO, TIFF, PSD, BMP, AI, EPS, PDF and SVG.
    We strongly suggest using RGB where applicable (see more under Colors and Transparency).
    Any other file format can be uploaded and attached, but will not have any visual preview.
  • Why do you change the names of my uploaded files when I download them back?

    OpenBrand unifies names of downloaded files to make it easy for everyone to tell where the file came from. This happens automatically, though the name of the folder or item and the file’s additional description are taken into account.
  • The colors of my uploaded images look funny, what should I do?

    OpenBrand creates JPEG or PNG previews from all your uploaded graphics. While processing, we respect information in embedded ICC profiles and convert everything to sRGB. If your colors look bad after conversion, make sure you have included the ICC profile in your source file, especially CMYK files may turn ugly without one. Whenever you’re in doubt or have trouble with the proper color representation, use sRGB PNGs for previews.
    Please note that Adobe Illustrator does not include ICC profiles in PDFs or AIs.
  • I’d like my image to be transparent so I can edit its background with the color picker. How do I do that?

    Sometimes transparency can be tricky, especially with formats that were originally created for print. The general rule is that your AIs and PDFs should always be in RGB. But even these sometimes don’t process as expected. If you want to play with transparency, the safest option is a transparent 24bpp PNG.
  • I have uploaded an image with colored background but in Firefox this color doesn’t match the automatically set color of the surrounding area (sidebar logo area, brand login page, image slide, etc)

    Firefox has v4 color management turned off by default. To enable it and fix this on your computer, type about:config into your address bar, then look for these options and set them as follows:
    gfx.color_management.enablev4: true
    gfx.color_management.mode: 1
    To solve this issue for everyone without changing these settings in every Firefox on the planet, use a transparent 24bpp PNG and set its background color with the color picker.
  • My uploaded PSD was cropped weirdly, why?

    This is very probably caused by a bad Alpha Channel setup. In Photoshop, go to Window > Channels and you’ll see the Alpha Channel that is causing your image to crop. You can either delete the alpha channel completely (and lose transparency) or resize it properly using the Move tool.
  • My AI artboards are ignored in generated image previews and the whole image is shown

    OpenBrand ignores artboards. If you want to show only part of your design in the preview, please export a PNG using artboards and upload this as your preview image.
  • What’s with the ugly border around my converted EPS file?

    This is known to happen sometimes. We don’t have a solution yet. It is an issue of a few low-level system libraries which OpenBrand uses for conversions. We are sorry for the inconvenience, please use exported PNG or AI instead.
  • Small item previews in folders are sometimes cropped, sometimes scaled to fit, how exactly does this work?

    OpenBrand tries to present your work in the best possible light. This is how these previews are generated:
    • All logos are always shown complete without cropping. The Logo’s background color is then detected and used to fill the remaining area around it. This color can be changed by a color picker.
    • An item on an isolated or solid color background is always shown complete without cropping, it’s background color is detected and used to fill the remaining space around it. The color can be changed by a color picker.
    • Photographs and images with a disturbing frame around them are resized so that they cover the maximum area in an item preview.
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