OpenBrand for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

  • All your designs, logos and large image banks automatically organised, up-to-date and available in the tool-box window
  • No space will be occupied on your hard drive
  • Everything is auto-versioned and securely backed up in the cloud
  • Your clients and colleagues will be the only ones with access to the same data and versions you are using
  • Both Mac and Windows users can navigate designs visually: see what's in your files right away
  • The ultimate way of making design guidelines: All instructions, colors and resources built-in to your essential tools. Just plug in!
Supports Ps / Ai / Id CC and CC 2014 (InDesign 9.2+),
This extension is free with every OpenBrand Pro or Enterprise account.
Try it out for free, if you like it spend $9.95 a month.
“OpenBrand is my new found joy.
Highly recommend graphic designers and brand enthusiasts check it out!”
“Our clients love that they have control with contribution to their brand strategy and love the easy access to guidelines and source files without confusion.” “Awesome free brand delivery platform - great for freelancers,
graphic guys & brand teams.”

“Best design/client tool of the year! (so far)”
“A new way to create and manage ENTIRE online resources for brands.
Agencies/Designers rejoice!”
“A great collaboration tool for both our account managers
and our graphic designers.”

“OpenBrand takes a brand book to a whole new level.”
Dan Phillips, @DesignPhilled Lin Wee, Founder & Creative Director at LiNWEE James Hunt, @thetwopct Niki Blaker, Design Strategist at Forty, AIGA Arizona President Alex Pierce, @alexpierce Martin Klco, Managing Director, Leo Burnett Prague Lulo, @lulomx

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