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Win Flight Tickets And A
London Startup Experience

Call for Entries:
The Graphic Design Rising Star Contest

Talented graphic designers now have a unique chance to win a 3 months experience at Techstars - the #1 startup accelerator on the planet.

What you can win

The winner of the competition will get return air tickets from anywhere in the world and a 3 month position at Techstars based in London! With £1,000 a month in "pocket money" and a chance to work with the most innovative startups, hackers and entrepreneurs in the world.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the vibe of the city and the booming London startup scene, you will be making new contacts and developing new business relations. For three months you will be working side by side with Techstars’ most innovative startups, helping them to make a difference and create something new and amazing. There is also a strong possibility for subsequent involvement with promising startups and even a meaty role in a fast growing company! This really could be a life changing experience.

The top 20 will receive: Rising Star finalist certificates, free lifetime OpenBrand Pro accounts, pack of handy Photoshop extensions from Source, a year of free Avocode subscription, and more.

The Assignment

Submit a design for a corporate identity for a fictional brand or a real one you have already created. Include at least 3 or 4 works: eg. logotype, business card, letterhead, a basic key visual and a t-shirt design. Note: You can use OpenBrand's rendering engine to transform your logo into a t-shirt, a business card, letter head or show it on an airplane in seconds. Public votes will be collected immediately - in the gallery section here, as well as on your profile on Behance and Dribbble.

Deadline for submissions is Jan 19th, 2015. The sooner you submit, the more votes you're likely to collect!

How it works

On Jan 26th, the 20 most voted win round one and receive a professional brief from Techstars and are given a week to deliver their brief designs in the final adrenaline round! You will be also asked to shoot a short one minute video where you describe what you've created. Final winners selected by expert jury will be announced here and in the media on Feb 9th, 2015.

Launch schedule

  • Nov 17th - Submissions and voting start
  • Jan 19th - Submissions end
  • Jan 26th - Voting ends, winners of the first round announced and given final brief
  • Feb 2nd - Deadline for round two submissions
  • Feb 9th - See the results here!
  • Mar 16th - Start of the program = You fly to London!

Jury for the Grand Finale

Greg Rogers & Jess Williamson from Techstars, Jourik Migom of AKQA, Brett Macfarlane of ustwo, Matt Cooper-Wright from IDEO, Armin Vit of UnderConsideration and Mirek Burkon of OpenBrand.

General Rules

Be nice and don't cheat, those found cheating will be disqualified immediately. No porn or racism please. Real brands may participate too, but everything you post is public and by submitting it you are certifying that you have the right to do so. Multiple submissions from one person are possible as well as collaboration on projects in the first round. Only one person from each team will be selected for round two. Re-submission of entries for previous Rising Star competitions will not be accepted. OpenBrand may use your submissions and all posted content for public promotion.


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